Mobile health clinics are growing in number and increasingly making a difference in the way we give, get and pay for health care in the U.S. Mobile Health Map is the only one stop shop for mobile clinics to measure their own program impact and contribute to what is known about the sector as a whole. Mobile Health Map is a communal resource for mobile clinics nationwide to pool their data and prove their impact. We have endeavored to tell the story of mobile clinic’s impact on the nation’s health. This literature review will help you understand our impact in the following areas:

  1. The ability of mobile health clinics to increase access to healthcare services
  2. The impact of mobile health clinics on improving patient health outcomes
  3. The potential for mobile health clinics to decrease healthcare costs
  4. The capacity of mobile health clinics to address social determinants of health
  5. The role mobile health clinics play in the restructured healthcare system under the Affordable Care Act. Ultimately, this report aims to serve as a guide and reference for Mobile Health Clinics and stakeholders in policy, academia, and healthcare

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