‎The Case for Mobile: Mobile health care is good for communities and good for business

Mobile Health Framework

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The COVID-19 pandemic shed light on fundamental problems with the healthcare system, including gaps in access to care, soaring costs, provider burnout, and a lack of trust, especially among underserved and marginalized communities.

Mobile health programs provide a community-based, high-value, and sustainable solution. Mobile clinics care for thousands of underserved communities across the United States fostering relationships and meeting people where they are.

In this report, we explore how mobile programs help healthcare organizations with two important goals – achieving health equity and managing costs..

Download the full report to read how mobile clinics:

  • Bridge gaps in access to quality care
  • Build trust with marginalized communities
  • Attract, inspire, and retain healthcare talent
  • Create new business opportunities
  • Encourage innovation and community engagement

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