The Impact Tool is a free and confidential analytic tool to transform your program data into meaningful information that shows your program's impact. This information is useful to gain community-wide support and funding to sustain your efforts.

Impact Tool


Program Impact


System Impact


Bottom Line Impact

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With about 20 minutes you can enter your data into our online form to calculate and assess important benchmarks for your program’s success.

  • Program Impact:
    Quality Adjusted Life Years Saved – let us help you understand your programs impact on the health of your community through prevention services delivered.
  • System Impact:
    Emergency Department visits prevented – understand how your services impact the healthcare system. With your data entered the toolbox will estimate the number of Emergency Department visits avoided. This means healthcare resources saved that can be reinvested into the community.
  • Bottom Line Impact (ROI):
    Let us help you make the business case for your program. Is your program saving our healthcare system money? Do your services provide a good Return on Investment? The Return on Investment (ROI) calculator shows how each dollar invested in your program provides downstream savings. You can use this information to demonstrate the cost efficiency of your mobile clinic to community leaders and funders.

If you do not want to enter data for a particular section right now, you can come back later and add more. Note your Bottom Line Impact (ROI) will be higher if you include both prevention services and service numbers!

Why use the Impact Tool?

  1. PROVE your impact. You can look at the impact you are having and how you can have an even larger impact.
  2. SHARE your accomplishments with stakeholders. Calculate your individual return-on-investment and show how much money your clinic is saving the health care system.
  3. BUILD the mobile clinic sector! Your clinic information combined with clinics nationwide is used collectively to advocate nationally for mobile health services. (Don’t worry – program specific data will never be shared apart from to yourselves. Only aggregate summary data will be shared.)

Data you will need:

  • To Get Your Mobile Clinic on the Map: Basic data about your service
  • Program Impact: Data about the Prevention Services you have delivered
  • System Impact:: The numbers of people you have served
  • Bottom Line Impact (ROI): Enter your program’s annual expenditure

If you do not want to enter data for a particular section right now, just press ‘skip’ and you can come back later and add more. Note your Return on Investment will be higher if you include both Impact on Health and Impact on Healthcare System questions!

About the data collected

  • We will never share your program-specific data with anyone apart from yourselves
  • The data you provide will be part of our aggregate summary Impact Reports about the mobile clinic sector

Try it

Sign up with Mobile Health Map and enter information about the services you provide.  Submitting data is easy, confidential and 100% free. And the end results will prove your program's value.



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