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Welcome! To get started, please add your clinic to the map!

If you just want to test things out, please use our Planning Toolkit to try some of your scenarios out! If you have more questions, please see our Tools & Resources

Get On The Map

Do you run a mobile health program? Start here. Basic data about your service is required.

Impact Tool

This single tool will guide you through the questions you need to answer to get three metrics for your dashboard: Program Impact, System Impact, and Bottom Line Impact. Learn more about how these tools work.

Sections you will need to fill out and the data they require:

  • Mobile Clinic on the Map: Do this first
  • Impact on Health: Data about the Prevention Services you have delivered
  • Impact on Healthcare System: The numbers of people you have served
  • Return on Investment: Enter your program’s annual expenditure

If you do not want to enter data for a particular section right now, just press ‘skip’ and you can come back later and add more. Note your Return on Investment will be higher if you include both Impact on Health and Impact on Healthcare System questions!

Quality Check Up

Identify your program’s strengths and improvement goals

Planning Toolkit

Just starting out with your mobile clinic? Just using approximate data? Then the Planning Toolkit is for you!