Mini Grants for Mobile Clinics

Thanks to funding received by the Leon Lowenstein Foundation, we are pleased to announce that Harvard Medical School’s Family Van will be awarding 14 mini grants to mobile clinics to assist with costs associated with COVID-19 best practice implementation.

The submission date has now passed, and all grantees have been selected. Thank you to everyone who submitted an application! The power of mobile is amazing, you are all doing incredible work. If you wish to read the original RFP, click here for more information.

Mobile clinics taking on greater role in avoiding the "Million-dollar patient"

A new article by the Pew charitable Trusts discusses the increasingly important role that mobile clinics play in alerting patients to previously undiagnosed chronic conditions before they present to clinics as "million-dollar patients" due to serious illness and complications. The article goes further in highlighting some fo the accomplishments of mobile clinics as well as some of the obstacles hindering expansion of mobile clinics including a high cost of investment.

Celebrating 25 Years of Transforming Care Delivery

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Commentary: a Novel Approach to Community Needs Assessment

Nancy E. Oriol, Journal of Healthcare Communications, June 12, 2017

Mobile health clinic brings healthcare to CCSD school children

By Christianne Klein,

Hospitals use mobile clinics to increase access

Marketplace by Lauren Silverman, May 12, 2016

Highmark unveils mobile clinic

Trib Live by BEN SCHMITT, May 10, 2016

Health clinics on wheels reach the neediest in Dallas


Pittsburgh Mercy rolls out mobile health care

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, October 13, 2014.

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