As a collaborative network our partners are essential to our work and together with them we have developed a substantial base of expertise to support mobile health clinics AND build evidence through research to advocate for mobile health as healthcare industry sector.

Mobile Healthcare Association

Mobile Healthcare Association is our founding partner in Mobile Health Map. Established as a trade association in 2004, they work to advocate on behalf of mobile healthcare, encourage the design and distribution of meaningful educational tools, and facilitate communications among healthcare providers. Visit the site to join a regional meeting or participate in webinars to help start and sustain your program.

Catholic Healthcare Association of the U.S

The Catholic Healthcare Association is a ministry of the Catholic Church made up of more than 600 hospitals and 1,400 long-term care and other health facilities in all 50 states. It is the largest group of nonprofit healthcare providers in the nation.

Learn about community benefits and tools to help you demonstrate impact.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)

IHI is a leading innovator and convener for health care improvement worldwide. MobileHealthMap and IHI have partnered to share mobile health’s innovative delivery models with a broader audience.

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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

We have been working with Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health to develop, test and disseminate tools to demonstrate improvements in public health. Other federal agencies such as the AHRQ and Office of Rural Health have been instrumental in sharing these tools with grantees.

AHRQ Innovations Exchange QualityTool

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