What is the Quality Check-Up Tool?


The Quality Check-Up tool is designed to help people like you evaluate your community health program.

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It’s evidence-based:

The tool is based on the aims for public health quality as defined by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The tool will help you learn about public health quality and evaluate your program in the key areas that are proven to make public health programs successful.

It's quick and easy to use:

To use the tool, all you need to do is answer some questions about each of the public health quality aims and enter some information about your program. (Don’t worry — we won’t share your information apart from in aggregate with other programs.)

It’ll take you about 15 minutes to complete. When you’re finished, you can print out your results to use in future planning.

Why Should Mobile Health Clinics Use This Tool?

There are a lot of good reasons to complete the Quality Check-Up. It will help you:

  • Learn what makes a public health program effective:

    • Learning about the characteristics of a strong public health program will help you make sure you have the biggest impact you can on the community.
  • Identify your program’s public health strengths:

    • Answering questions about your program in terms of public health quality will help you figure out what you’re doing well. You can share this information with funders — it gives you an evidence-based measure to show that supporting your program is a smart move.
  • Identify areas where there’s room for improvement:

    • It’s also important to figure out the areas where you can make changes to improve your program. Using the framework of the public health quality aims will help you get a clear understanding of these areas.
  • Get actionable strategies you can use to improve your program:

    • It’s not enough to identify areas that need improvement — you also need to learn how to make the improvements! The Quality Check-Up is packed with specific strategies and examples to help you improve your program.
  • Learn the language of public health:

    • Reading about the public health quality aims and answering the tool’s questions will help you learn valuable and useful public health vocabulary to use with funders and other community planners.

Help us collect important data on public health quality!

And of course you’ll be helping us show the strengths of the mobile clinic sector and the areas we need more support. Don’t worry, we will never show individual program’s data.

What is the Quality Check-Up Tool based on?

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) identified several aims – or key areas – for quality designated to help programs get results when it comes to public health. These aims are basics for the Quality Check-Up tool, so you’ll be answering questions about your program in the context of each key area.

Below you’ll find a quick description of the aims. There’s more detailed information with examples in the content of the tool.

  1. Equitable: Addresses gaps in quality of health or health care
  2. Proactive: Can respond quickly to new problems or needs
  3. Health promoting: Increases positive health behaviors and outcomes
  4. Transparency: Program information is available to stakeholders and the public
  5. Effective/Efficient:  Makes the best use of available resources to have a big impact



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