Mobile Health Map helps you create a Dashboard to assess your program’s effectiveness as well as its impact. It is a free and confidential resource for turning your clinic’s data into meaningful information that can be used to show your program's value and gain community-wide support and funding to sustain your efforts.

With very little time or effort (less than 20 minutes), you can enter your data into our online form to calculate and assess important benchmarks for your program’s success.

Why should mobile health clinics create their own dashboard?

  1. PROVE what your program is achieving. You can analyze your successes; the impact you are having on health, on the community, on the healthcare system and on healthcare costs. You can learn where you can make the biggest improvements.
  2. SHARE with your stakeholders. Calculate your individual return-on-investment and show how much money your clinic is saving the health care system.
  3. BUILD a new service or an expanded service. Where should you focus your attentions? How should you build out your program to have the biggest impact on health and cost?
  4. GROW the mobile clinic sector! Your clinic information combined with clinics nationwide is used collectively to advocate nationally for mobile health services, building both awareness and evidence of the role of mobile health clinics to improve access and reduce disparities in care while saving resources and reducing healthcare costs. (Don’t worry – your individual program data will never be shared with anyone apart from yourselves).

What do you need to create a dashboard?

  1. Complete your mobile clinic’s profile.
  2. Add your clinic locations to the map.
  3. Complete tools. You will need the following data:
  Performance Tool Planning Tool


Program Impact

How many people you served last fiscal year.

How many you hope to serve.


System Impact

How many prevention services you provided last fiscal year.

How many services you hope to provide.


Bottom Line Impact

Annual expenditure for last fiscal year plus data entered for 2 or 3.

What your annual budget is projected to be.


Quality Check-Up

An understanding of how your program runs! That’s it!

A plan for how you will run your program! That’s it!

Impact Tool Instruction video


Quality Tool Instruction Video


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