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American Public Health Association Annual Meeting: Making the Case for Mobile

Making the Case for Mobile: How mobile clinics can advance health equity and align with healthcare organizations’ business objective presented at the 2022 American Public Health Association ...
patient care

REPORT: How mobile clinics lower costs and generate revenue for health care organizations

How do mobile clinics reduce costs? The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked innovation in health care delivery, including new and expanded use of mobile clinics. In addition, the ...
city view

Using Public Data to Predict Demand for Mobile Health Clinics

Publication: Proceedings of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Conference on Artificial Intelligence Improving health equity is an urgent task for our society. The advent ...
holding hands

“Road to Empathy”: A Qualitative Exploratory Study of Trainee Experiences on a Mobile Health Clinic

Publication: Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved Mobile health clinics often deliver care in medically underserved communities and train student volunteers to support service ...

Mobile health clinic model in the COVID-19 pandemic: Lessons learned and opportunities for policy changes and innovation

Publication: International Journal for Equity in Health Mobile clinics represent an untapped resource for our health care system. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated its limitations. Mobile health ...
the family van

Mobile health clinics in the United States

Publication: International Journal for Equity in Health Mobile Health Map is the only comprehensive database of mobile clinics in the United States. The authors of this research ...

The scope and impact of mobile health clinics in the United States: A literature review

Publication: International Journal for Equity in Health As the U.S. healthcare system transforms its care delivery model to increase healthcare accessibility and improve health outcomes, it is ...
family van

Preventative health, diversity, and inclusion: A qualitative study of client experience aboard a mobile health clinic in Boston, Massachusetts

Publication: International Journal for Equity in Health Mobile health clinics are an innovative way to deliver care to vulnerable populations. They are a creative solution for reaching ...
community hands

Commentary: A novel approach to community needs assessment

Publication: Journal of Healthcare Communications Mobile health clinics are an innovative way to deliver care to vulnerable populations. They are a creative solution for reaching people were ...

Celebrating 25 years of transforming care delivery

Publication: Journal of Healthcare Communications This commentary explores The Family Van, a mobile health clinic originally founded by the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and now a ...

Mobilizing a narrative of generosity: Patient experiences on an urban mobile health clinic

Publication: Communication Quarterly Mobile health clinics address the health needs of underserved populations by bringing healthcare to patients’ communities. Mobile health clinics find unique ways to treat ...
social determinants of health

Leveraging the social determinants of health: What works?

Publication: PLoS One Social determinants of health have taken center stage in recent health policy discussions. This study reviews the recent peer-reviewed literature about the impact of ...

Developing Citizen Designers

The aim of Developing Citizen Designers is to enable students, educators and designers in the early stages of their careers to learn and practice design in a ...

The Emerging Business Models and Value Proposition of Mobile Health Clinics

Publication: American Journal of Accountable Care Mobile health clinics are increasingly used to deliver healthcare to urban and rural populations. An estimated 2000 vehicles in the United ...
health reform

Mobile health clinics in the era of reform

Publication: American Journal of Managed Care Mobile clinics are an integral part of the health care system with over 1500 clinics delivering quality care to vulnerable populations; ...
blood pressure

Mobile clinic in Massachusetts associated with cost savings from lowering blood pressure and emergency department use

Publication: Health Affairs Mobile clinics have increased in usage but understanding of their impact and cost-effectiveness is still limited. This research examines 5,900 patients who visited The ...
family van

Knowledgeable neighbors: A mobile clinic model for disease prevention and screening in underserved communities

The Family Van mobile health clinic uses a “Knowledgeable Neighbor” model to deliver cost-effective screening and prevention activities in underserved neighborhoods in Boston, MA. This report describes ...

Calculating the return on investment of mobile healthcare

Publication: BMC Medicine Mobile health clinics offer alternative sources of care for people who face barriers to accessing the traditional healthcare system due to trust, language, immigration ...