Looking for a Place to Start?

Build a strong program with research from more than 1,000 mobile clinics.

Step 1

Connect with the community

Listen to local leaders and community-based organizations with humility and openness.

Step 2

Scan the landscape

Study local data about community needs and assets. Learn from other mobile clinics in your area to understand what is already working.

Step 3

Plan for sustainability

Create an operational and financial plan for the initial three to five years. Build a strong foundation for long-lasting impact.

Predict Your Impact

Raise money and gain support for your new clinic with our dashboarding tool. Show stakeholders, including potential donors, that your clinic will save lives and reduce costs. By providing some simple estimates about your future clinic, you can make a strong case for support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Join the Mobile Healthcare Association

The Mobile Healthcare Association is the leading membership-based organization for mobile healthcare professionals in the U.S. and Canada. They offer their members and the field many resources, including manuals and toolkits, webinars, regional coalition and special interest group meetings, and funding opportunities. The Association also holds an annual conference which is a critical venue for thought leadership and networking in the field.

Be a Community Partner

Include community leaders and organizers to determine the best ways to serve their neighborhoods. From identifying convenient and easily accessible van locations to selecting services to target the highest needs of the community it serves — community partnerships are pivotal in ensuring the success of your mobile health program.