Bridging Healthcare Gaps: How Premier Mobile Health Services Transforms Lives in Lee County


With a focus on serving the working poor, uninsured, and underserved populations, Premier Mobile Health Services operates within the vibrant communities of Lee County, Florida bringing essential healthcare directly to those in need, bridging gaps and transforming lives. Founded by Deanie Singh, a board-certified nurse practitioner, Premier Mobile is dedicated to making healthcare accessible to all. In the past six years, they have served more than 12,000 Lee County residents. 

Q: Deanie, tell us what inspired you to start Premier Mobile Health Services? 

Deanie Singh: Back in 2018, I met a young man named Joseph while working as a nurse practitioner. I was called to admit him to the emergency room. He was only 24 years old and in dire need of medical attention, with dangerously high blood pressure. Seeing someone so young facing such dire circumstances really lit a fire within me. So, I took matters into my own hands — I went on eBay and purchased a mobile clinic. I invested my life savings into creating Premier Mobile Health Services. I wanted to make prevention and awareness key, instead of just sitting in the ER and watching people come in already with heart or kidney failure. I figured I could be part of the solution. 

Q: How did you identify the specific needs of the community? 

DS: Navigating through the neighborhoods of Bonita Springs, I couldn’t help but notice the glaring gap between the affluent retirement communities and those struggling with poverty. That’s when it hit me — we needed to step in and provide essential healthcare services to the working poor, who often get overlooked by traditional healthcare systems. Our patients come from all walks of life — Hispanics, women, children — many of whom didn’t finish high school. Most of them rely on bikes or walking because they simply don’t have transportation. We see a lot of obesity, diabetes, and hypertension among them. We prioritize prevention and awareness as key components of our mobile clinic’s work. Having the mobile clinic is truly impactful and powerful for the community — it helps and serves the community. 

“Having the mobile clinic is truly impactful and powerful for the community
— it helps and serves the community.”

Q: What services do you offer your patients? 

DS: We’re all about prevention and education. We offer everything from screenings for chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension to refilling essential medications. We give individuals knowledge and resources to live healthier lives. We teach them how to make better food choices that won’t break the bank. It’s amazing what we accomplish here with our little mobile clinic.  

Q: What are some key metrics used to evaluate the success of Premier Mobile’s initiatives? 

DS: By measuring metrics such as reduced emergency room visits and improved health outcomes, we can assess our impact on the community and identify areas for improvement. We know that, according to the Health Institute, an average E.R. visit costs $1,389. This drives healthcare costs, especially in our area. For those who are undocumented, uninsured, or part of the working poor, these costs can become prohibitively expensive. The Mobile Health Map has been instrumental in showing just how much of a difference a mobile clinic like ours can make. Our goal is to provide comprehensive care that addresses the needs of our patients while alleviating the burden on the healthcare system. 

Q: How does Premier Mobile Health Services address cost barriers to ensure accessibility to healthcare for all individuals, regardless of insurance status? 

DS: We recognize that financial constraints often hinder individuals from seeking necessary medical care, whether due to lack of insurance or high deductibles. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had patients come to us in tears because they couldn’t afford their deductible or copayments, even though they had insurance. So, we step in and bridge that gap. As a not-for-profit entity, our mobile clinic takes the financial burden off our patients’ shoulders. Whether you’re insured or not, everyone is welcome here. We believe that healthcare is a right, not a privilege. 

Q: How do partnerships with community organizations enhance the impact of Premier Mobile Health Services? 

DS: Partnerships are everything. Take Cafe of Life, for example. They provide meals and clothing, and they possess invaluable knowledge about individuals in the community who are unable to access healthcare services. They utilize their own transportation to pick up residents in need and bring them to our mobile clinic. By harnessing our collective resources and networks, we can effectively identify and assist those in need, strengthening our community ties and magnifying the impact of our collaborative efforts. 

Q: What can individuals do to support the ongoing work of Premier Mobile Health Services? 

DS: We rely on the support of our community to sustain our mission. Whether through financial contributions or volunteer efforts, individuals can make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need. By joining hands with us, they become part of a movement to provide equitable healthcare to all, ensuring that no one is left behind. Together, we can continue to uplift communities and inspire positive change. 

Deanie Singh, a board-certified nurse practitioner, and Chief Executive Officer at Premier Mobile Health Services. Premier Mobile is “Dedicated to serving the underserved.”