In 2007, Jennifer Bennet, Dr. Nancy Oriol, and Dr. Anthony Vavasis came together to raise awareness about the impact of the mobile health sector through the formation of Mobile Health Map. With contributions from experts in policy, informatics, research and public health practice, Mobile Health Maps continues to collaborate with a wide range of federal, state and organizational partners to continue our research.

Mollie Williams

Mollie Williams

Mollie Williams is a passionate advocate for access to health and health care. She has experience in nonprofit and public health leadership, organizational development, strategic planning, and fundraising. Prior to joining The Family Van as Executive Director in January 2018, Mollie was a Senior Director at Planned Parenthood Federation of America. In this role, she led a national cross-department team and affiliate staff who worked to improve access to sexual and reproductive health care in the southern United States. Mollie serves as adjunct faculty at the University of New England teaching in the Masters of Public Health Program, including courses in Health Policy and Management and Maternal and Child Health.

Nancy Oriol, MD

Nancy Oriol, MD

Nancy Oriol, MD is co-founder of Mobile Health Map and the Harvard Medical School’s Family Van project. She is also Dean for students and lecturer on social medicine at Harvard Medical School. Dean Oriol investigates the role of the mobile health care sector in the U.S. health care system and has demonstrated the mobile health care sector’s return on investment in terms of quality life-years saved and emergency department visits avoided. She is currently extending the Family Van’s community-based research program to demonstrate the impact of mobile health clinics on the prevention and management of chronic disease.

Anthony Vavasis, MD

Dr. Anthony Vavasis, serves as a co-investigator for Mobile Health Map. Dr. Vavasis is currently the Director of Medicine at Callen-Lorde Community Health Center in New York City and serves as the Board Chair of the Mobile Healthcare Association. Dr. Vavasis is board-certified by the American Academy of HIV Medicine and has provided care to high-risk youth on a mobile health clinic in New York City for the past 18 years. One of his primary interests is integrating the principles of harm-reduction theory into the practice of medicine.


Mobile Health Map would not be possible without important contributions from experts in policy, informatics, research and public health practice. Our gratitude and thanks go out to John Brownstein, MD Chief Innovation Officer at Children’s Hospital Boston, Isaac Kohane MD, PhD of Harvard Medical Schools Bio-information Department, and Paul Cote, Jr. for his expertise in health finance and policy.

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