Become the in-house expert for your mobile clinic’s planning and evaluation efforts

Health Program Planning and Evaluation paperback and ebook covers

Did you know that our Executive Director, Mollie Williams, recently co-authored the 5th edition of the highly respected textbook Health Program Planning and Evaluation? If you want to evaluate the impact of mobile clinics or other community health program, check it out.

The most popular graduate-level textbook on public health program evaluation, it will equip you with the skills needed to develop, implement, and evaluate community health programs. Health Program Planning and Evaluation will also help you to become a savvy consumer of evaluation reports and an informed partner to evaluation consultants.

Check out this valuable resource if your mobile clinic wants to evaluate their impact. It can help you…

  • Conduct a community health assessment
  • Develop a theory of change
  • Write clear and concise objectives
  • Monitor progress towards your goals
  • Assess program quality
  • Design your evaluation approach
  • Select the right evaluation methods
  • Analyze and interpret data
  • Share your results

A valuable reference for mobile health program leaders

Whether you are formally trained in public health, are self-taught, or are just starting your career, this book will serve as a useful reference. We are frequently asked if mobile health clinics make healthcare more accessible. We think yes, but don’t take our word for it. By thoughtfully planning and evaluating your mobile clinic’s efforts, you will be able to answer this question for your own clinic and explore the unique ways your mobile health program improves access.

More easy-to-use resources for mobile program evaluation

Health Program Planning and Evaluation includes recommendations for other helpful resources. Here are just a few:

The book is available at most libraries or you can buy the book directly from the publisher, Amazon, or your local independent bookseller. We hope you find the book helpful as you evaluate the impact of your mobile clinic.