Mobile Health Map is more than a website. It is both a collaborative network and research community all in one. It allows mobile health clinics to easily analyze their own impact while at the same time contributing to a broader pool of data. Mobile Health Map then aggregates the data across clinics to study the impact of the mobile health sector as a whole. Mobile Health Map provides an online portal complete with analysis tools, research, best practice resources and opportunities to connect with peers across the country to advocate broadly in support of mobile health services.

Vision & Mission

Mobile Health Map began in 2007 when a group of mobile clinic leaders recognized that while mobile health clinics were playing an increasingly vital role in healthcare, there was very little research-based evidence to understand the impact. These leaders came up with the idea to develop a collaborative research network of community-based mobile health clinics to analyze both individual program data as well data across communities to build evidence and advocate for the sector.

Our initiative works with hundreds of mobile health programs to improve their capacity to evaluate impact. MHM has also published seminal research that demonstrates how mobile health clinics improve access to care and eliminate health disparities.

Currently, over 700 clinics across the country have joined Mobile Health Map. With an estimated 2000 clinics out there, our aim is to double the number of clinics joining the network over the next year and increase clinic access to our supportive tools and resources.

Why Mobile Health?

Mobile vanMobile clinics have proven their ability to address some of the most intractable problems faced by marginalized communities in rural areas and urban neighborhoods. At the same time, these programs have shown that they achieve good patient outcomes, boast impressive returns on investment, and reach underserved communities that may not be effectively reached by traditional healthcare delivery models. Learn more...

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